Friends Beyond Borders

Friends Beyond Borders

Breaking stereotypes, together

Who are we?

Together with CONIL we want to break the stereotypes of children with disabilities that are constantly rejected by the society. Once a year, during winter holidays Friends beyond borders gathers both typical and atypical kids to connect and share each other’s experiences.
This is only possible if we don’t let society tell us what is normal is…

Take a step back and think…How do you define normal?

It all started on a playground. You were playing with a ball, playing cards with different kids. Then years passed. We grew older and discovered that some of our playground friends were different. Was I different? Or was the other kid different? Have those differences ever mattered to you?
When you are younger, you are carefree, you are happy, you do not care about what society says about what’s normal and what is not. Where did our childhood innocence disappear?

Friends beyond borders brings the innocence back. Redefines the normal by connecting young generations by the simple act of a gift. Winter holidays are times for self-reflection. Times in which we take the opportunity to do good for someone else. And whats a better way than making a child smile effortlessly. Just by exchanging gift with a personal touch.

Hand-in-hand with CONIL

Without CONIL, Friends beyond borders couldn’t have launched. This non-profit organization offers children in Bucharest a place where there are no differences between typical and atypical kids.

At CONIL, children are educated in a modern and playful manner that harmoniously influences the process of growing up. This association offers children in Bucharest from kindergarten to middle school programs and hosts a plethora of events during the school year, the most popular one being CONIL Fest. Meant to break societal stereotypes, this event has been hosted for more than ten years and became a tradition for all the kids that grow up there. CONIL Fest redefined what a talent show is, gathering over 1500 children on the same stage to perform for a big audience.

Part of CONIL is also a therapy center designated to offer personalized therapy for all the kids. All the methods and education programs are adapted to each kid to help him/her stepping towards being a young adult.

Due to the association’s uniqueness and open-mindness, Friends beyond borders emerged. A project that brings both typical and atypical children onto the same playground just as CONIL has been doing in Bucharest since 2005.

Project description

As mentioned, Friends beyond borders aims to connect atypical and typical children by exchanging gifts during winter holidays. By signing up the form you are officially a participant in our project! This means that you have allowed us to use your personal information in order to pair you up with a fellow participant. Within few weeks you a will receive name, address and country of a friend beyond border.
What does the package need to include?

  • At least one item that you associate yourself with
  • A picture of yourself
  • A personal letter.

Whats next?

You will find out who your match is on the 23rd of November and must send out the gift before the 1st of December! You can let us know if you received your gift in good order before the 10th of December. If not, we will contact your match and solve the issues!
After that, we can only hope that you are going to share with us stories and pictures about your amazing FBB experience!
If you have any further questions, you can contact us via:

“If you have any further questions, you can contact us via:

Phone: +31 645 034 112

*Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find enough people from either one of the groups (typical & atypical), so please keep in mind that there is a chance that you will be paired with someone from the same group as you.


Participants can be children and teenagers until high school. Parents/legal guardians will not be allowed to participate in the project.


Do you want to find a friend:

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