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CONIL Primary School was founded in 2012 at the initiative of the CONIL Association, being one of its most ambitious projects. The school was established based on the Order of the Minister of National Education and was accredited at primary and preschool level in 2018.


The CONIL school and kindergarten also accommodates children with various disabilities – autism, Down syndrome, moderate retardation, tetraparesis, children with visual, hearing, epilepsy disorders, etc. Being an inclusive school based on a national curriculum adapted to the developmental stage of each child.

After school

Here your child will enjoy a playful day, with different activities, such as African week, gastronomy week, creating music instruments and wooden accessories, among others. All coordinated by the specialized professionals of the center.

Day center

In the Day Center, each child will have a therapy program developed specially for them, that could include logopedia, kinetotherapy, ABA therapy, occupational, Learning by doing, social skills groups, motric group,etc.”

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