At first when we hear about diabetes we tend to clench our jaw and hope it will never happen to us. We feel so sorry about the person that is telling us while smiling how many insulin doses they need to go through to the day and how the little things such as drinking coffee seems so luxurious. I didn’t choose to debunk myths about this as I have been always surrounded by diabetes and I have never felt the need to treat my family in any other way rather than normal.
Let alone the fact that adults and elders are confronting diabetes, a small percentage of the young population also either developed it or they were borned with it. While looking at kids with diabetes, people will see in their eyes the same light as in the eyes of every other kid. They are going to play on the same playground and go to the same school. However, when we are not playing, talking or hanging out together, they are probably craving for a candy, a small thing that you can have access to at any point of your life. Or, they are craving to pick up and practice sports but that is not possible either, because diabetes affects your metabolism to the extent that you are not physically able to run. Kids with diabetes have the power to move over the fact they cannot eat candy and come to school to study right next to you. So if they can move over it, why can’t you?
My family has a very eventful past with this condition, as a lot of my family members have and had it, like my dad. And of course, you can see how much they struggle with keeping a diet and measuring all the foods to keep everything under control, but they seem so much more fulfilled and glowing because they simply learn how to enjoy life passing foods and drinks. Although, it needs to be stated there are two types of diabetes: one that is caused by a high level of glucose (sugar) in your blood and so your veins cannot conduct the blood normally, and another one that is caused by very stressful situations that could stir it. My dad has the second one, which is also not as harsh in terms of medication as the insulin diabetes because you don’t need to do the shots on a daily basis, but seeing him taking so many pills every day and being left out of a stressful situation is quite a challenge. If my dad goes into another stressful, traumatising shock, his diabetes will be triggered again and his condition will get worse. But the beauty here is that, you learn to adapt, you have the power in yourself to make diabetes your friend and live a long, joyful life together.

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