9th of August

Yesterday marked a special day for us, at CONIL. This day, which used to be one of celebration, has become one filled with melancholy. However, we can still share a laugh while reminiscing memories of our dearly departed Kuky.

For those of you who don’t know why the 9th of August is such an important date or who Kuky is, we are going to do a brief rewind into our founder’s life: Adela Hanafi. As mentioned multiple times by her, on this very day in the year of 1996, Adela’s life was about to change, as she was welcoming her first child. However, this was no ordinary child, as Kuky grew up to become a symbol amongst atypical children.

Kuky was a kid with special educational needs, but he was a sweet, caring and really charismatic person. He was loved by everyone surrounding him, due to his amazing social skills. However, his upbringing was not without challenges. In Romania, life for disabled children is tough, as they often face prejudice and rejection amongst their peers, but not only! Kuky was rejected multiple times from multiple places and whether we are talking about the kids at the playground or the teachers at school, each time was as hurtful as the other.

For this, Adela decided to take the matters into her own hands and fight for the rights of atypical children. This marks the beginning of our story, in the year of 2005. It has been 15 years since then, and now CONIL has changed countless lives, managing to integrate atypical children in the society, raising awareness about different types of disabilities and normalizing diversity amongst children. While this is an amazing accomplishment for the woman entrepreneur, it is all due to Kuky. His life that tragically ended on the 25th of December 2018 has been no ordinary life.

Because of him, and the love and empowerment Adela has received from him, hundreds of lives have been touched, and we were able to make a difference. Romania still has a long way to go, but every day we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission. For this, we want to celebrate the 9th of August as the day that marks the birth of one special soul: Kuky, we are grateful. We thank you. We love you. We will never forget you.

On behalf of everybody that has ever worked at, collaborated with, participated in or attended CONIL’s programs, thank you!

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