In Romania, schooling is a problem for atypical children.
Help us fund the solution for these kids!

10 years of working for children

We are "Asociatia Before and After School CONIL", a nonprofit from Romania. This year we celebrate 10 years of activity - we spent these 10 years helping atypical children learn, fit in and excel to their greatest potential. We started small, but we dreamed big and we currently provide educational and therapeutic services to a few hundreds special children. 60 of them learn in our small school.

Situation in Romania

Romania has laws for inclusion and inclusive education, but the feedback we received from parents over time is that the reality in public schools is very often far from ideal. This happens because schools are overcrowded, teachers are overwhelmed and atypical children find it hard to adjust. To thrive, they need quieter places, more attention and special teacher training.

And this is how our small school started.

We have smaller numbers of children in a classroom, we adjust to every child's needs and we welcome both typical and atypical children. At present, we can successfully provide schooling for kids up to 5th grade.

But our children need to go to school for more years than that.

We need a bigger school

For this, we need to rent a bigger place and we need to fill this new place with appropriate furniture and equipment, from blackboards to desks and chairs. We need teachers for each discipline, since the one-teacher-for-all system works only by 5th grade.

We need 40000 euros to cover all setup expenses. We would have done it as we always did, little by little and step by step, but this project is too big and we cannot afford to wait for too long - the children are growing and they are outgrowing our small school.

When we make this school happen, more and more atypical children will benefit and will thrive. These children can become adjusted adults with full, happy lives in our society - the better we provide for them now, the better off they'll be.

And you'll be contributing to this great goal.

Even if we may not raise the whole 40000 euros through this campaign, each and every cent will go to our school. Your contribution can add another grade, so we can school children up to 6th grade, 7th grade and so on.

You'll be changing the future for atypical children

There are ever so often stories in the media about successful atypical children and young adults. They are exciting and they give us all hope for better futures for all special kids. What stories don't tell or tell too little of is the effort and resources needed for each such success.

It's sometimes the struggle of parents, who give it all up just to see their child make it. It's sometimes a great school system. It's sometimes special funding or a dedicated program. It's sometimes a great school. It's sometimes a wonderful community. And, very often, it's a mix of them all.

We guarantee great outcomes for these children.

We are known to succeed with our projects, and we were even awarded first prize at the Civil Society Gala this year (link is in Romanian, please use Google Translate until we manage to translate this page) for our achievements in regards to atypical children. More details about the awarded project, "Inclusion camps for special needs children", here - link is in Romanian, too)

What can go wrong?

We may not be 100% ready in time. We may start and learn as we go. We may stumble in state procedures and we may be delayed by paperwork. We may struggle to find good, qualified teachers for our goals and we may face the need to provide them with extra courses and formation. We may have fewer kids in classrooms, till word gets out.

But we'll keep you posted. We're working on an English section on our website, with details on this very project and all updates will be there.
We welcome all help

Some say shares are useless, but we know they bring awareness. Help us spread the word and tell people of our dream. Every kind of help is important, be it 1 euro, 10, 100, 1 share, 10, 100, 1 blog post about us, 10, 100.

This is how big numbers grow.